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happy new year

welcome 2011 ♥♥♥~~~

still a bit sleepy but i want to greet you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

had a blast celebration last night..watching and waiting for fireworks showdown..

sad :( i wasn't able to go to mass before 2010 end so agenda for today or tomorrow is lit a candle and pray for a happy and prosperous 2011

because we ended up pretty late 2:00 in the morning, tita and kids with lola slept here in our house. 'twas a fun filled celebration. though a neighbors were a bit shy to munch on our buffet because our titas from guam (mama's cousins) were here to celebrate as well with us.

how about you, how did you celebrate your new year's eve? 


i miss fangirl-ing

yay^^v..although i have few more things to do and work out on, i was able to fangirl earlier at school..pleyr_04 was so kind to let me watch QoP at her laptop while she's asleep..

i really miss fangirl-ing..we were so busy the last few weeks with our school requirements..Thesis. Defense.Papers..and we did all this at our very best! i am very thankful for the people who supported and are with me while doing my paperworks..with the power of CRAMMING, i've passed!

to those people [lazy to name names], i am very happy to share the semi sleepless nights with you..haha..doing thesis with all of you made it more fun!

more blog entries to go..and many things that i need to catch up to [fandom]


absolute boyfriend

yesterday i can't go to the office because i'm having a hard time to walk so i worked at home.

mixed work with pleasure =)

while working i buffered absolute boyfriend episode 5-9..ehe..i've got a good internet connection yesterday, YOSH! but i didn't get to finish it.

hopefully this weekend i could finish it already..i ♥ soushi..hehe..he is kawaii in this jdorama.

>>could i request pics of hiro-kun pretty please..arigatou in advance.

first salary i've received

well..yes! i've received my first salary (allowance) from my second company yesterday. i was so surprised that after a week i've already got paid..

it was nice..unlike the previous company i've interned to the salary is what you've work for the two weeks (or in my case a week) XD

and i've learn a new thing..how to exchange check for cash in the bank..it's new to me..haha..because i was used to using a ATM card.


yesterday my boss was in the mood and treated us lunch here in the office!! nice boss right?!

he gave me a task which i was somewhat lurking for during my first week of stay here..it's a marketing stuff and well it's good because it is related to my course..and i'll be using my brain..haha..


we had cake moments yesterday night..i've treated my roommates a slice of cake..well that's pretty much what i can afford.

although i've got lot of things to pay, i'm still giving them a treat, haha, because it's my way of showing appreciation.

no worries.we're only three so i didn't have to spend that much =)

vindicated21will be having an interview with my boss today and i can't wait to be with her again.. i will surely get tips on fangirl-ing.

akanishi jin fangirl

konichiwa! i'm weh-chan..can anybody tell me were to download songs of jin..

i've been fangirl-ing for days now..watching his youtube vids and vids posted in lj..and now i'm craving for having his songs on my playlist!!

please help me..

domo arigatou gozaimas in advance 

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